Wood Work

For us, the furniture we create is like precious art. Once the design and layout is finalized, our manufacturing team will start work with quality raw materials and technical details so that the product will ultimately meet your exacting needs.

The Structure

Our specialized craftsmen will convert furniture into a strong and lasting frame.


This is the important step in which, Furniture surface has to be prepared for subsequent painting and finishing for the perfect elegant finish look.

Paint Finishes

We do multiple paint finishes : high gloss, semi-gloss, textured, latex paint finish, polyester or gloss clear . We will discuss your requirements and then decide on the right finish for your furniture.

The Upholestry

Good upholstery should be decorative as well as protective. Once the furniture design is finalized then we will show you the best range of upholstery available globally.

The Product

Our quality staff perform stiff checks once the product is ready. Once approved, the product is packaged and readied for dispatch.

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